Responsibility is one of our top priorities

To us, this means a number of things: First and foremost, we are adamant about the responsible consumption of our products. Whatever your favorite brew is, please enjoy responsibly.

Secondly: it’s the human factor. For us, this means our employees and partners come first. We strive to be as supportive as possible to our employees. It doesn’t matter if they are at our headquarter in Frankfurt, one of our many breweries all over Germany, or part of our dedicated teams across the world: people first.

The third aspect is the responsible use of our planet’s resources. The sourcing of ingredients, as well as the way we treat and process our ingredients is something we see as one of our key priorities. As the export arm, we aim to be as environmentally responsible as possible in every aspect of our logistics.

These responsibilities are something we keep in mind in everything we do. They are also expected of every single one of our business partners.

Forest path in Bavaria, Germany


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